Chamber Music

Four Movements for String Quartet and Soprano (2005)

Picture of four stringed instrumentsIn January 2005 Jobe composed the slow movement Trouverité, based on a poem he wrote in 1984, which became the center of gravity for the other three movements he wrote that winter and spring. Four Movements summarizes the sounds he has worked with in the past: folk, medieval, and circus waltz. The piece had its premiere in May 2005 and the performance was enriched by the contribution of his longtime friends and musical colleagues: violinist Laura Gulley, cellist Rob Bethel and vocalist Ellen Santaniello. The recording of that performance helped him win the 2006 Composer Fellowship sponsored by the RI State  Council on the Arts. In reviewing the piece, composer Robert Xavier Rodriguez remarked on "the integration of Medieval dance rhythms and Baroque figuration in contemporary harmonic context."

Four Movements was performed again in December 2007 by the Providence String Quartet.  Composer Garrison Hull wrote a review of the concert for the Community Music Works blog: "This concert featured Steve Jobe's Four Movements for String Quartet and Soprano, and featured Ellen Santaniello, soloist, and the Providence String Quartet. Repeated melodic phrases joined in the minimalist style, rising to culmination points, the voices coming together to give the occasional wisp of an unsettled tonal cadence before setting off again. The work gives a satisfying sense of continual propulsion."

Four Movements is in memory of Steve's father,
Carl Frederick Jobe (1930-2000).

Movement II, Trouverité:


Bacchanal—from the program Music for Three Hurdy-Gurdies (2007)

Rob Bethel cello, Laura Gulley violin, Daniel Thonon hurdy-gurdy, Chris Turner bagpipes

Performance of Bacchanal

Video clip:  Bacchanal


Three Movements: St. Francis, Coyote, Lithuanian Fragment

Choreography: Ting (2007) by Suzanne Wiltgen

Dancers:  Lightsey Darst, Laura Grant, Denise Gagner

Three Movements

Video clip:  Three Movements

Tempest Waltz (1997/revised 2008) and Clownfish Trioriz (2008)

Tempest Waltz and Clownfish Trioriz

Video Clip: Tempest Waltz and Clownfish Trioriz

Laughing A Lot 49 (2009)

Laughing a Lot 49

Video Clip: Laughing a Lot 49

Chartres (2008)

Text by Steven Jobe (2008); Ellen Santaniello, soprano.


Video Clip: Chartres

Edgewise (2007) and Newfield (1997)

Text by Steven Jobe (2007); Joel McCoy, tenor.


Video Clip: Edgewise and Newfield

A Phoenix Flame (2009)

Text by Robert Graves; Ellen Santaniello, soprano; Joel McCoy, tenor.

A Phoenix Flame

Video Clip: A Phoenix Flame