Edgewise (2004)

Skylarking with angels, sunfishing for fun,
Miner Forty-Niner where hummingbirds hum,
Moonshining the apple pressed in the mind's eye,
Down Antelope Freeway far as the crow flies.

The cat got my tongue, now I'm in the dumb show,
Painting the desert a quicksilver glow,
Borrowed a tongue from the coyote song,
Red Rover doggeral rhymes with, 'So long!'

Skullduggery with a bone to pick over,
Bruised on the heel lately, got to get sober,
Windsnapping melody down in the valley,
Bush-whacked by monsoon, I'm happy-go-lucky.

In the dell now where the sheep safely graze,
There in the skyway sweet grace will amaze,
Climbed up a tree found a nest with a bird in,
Dumbstruck by lightning, I can't get a word in.